Sizzl is the dating app for bacon lovers

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine when they're bacon.

Location based dating apps like Tinder are great for assessing prospective dates based purely on their looks and proximity, but sometimes you can’t help but feel like it would be nice to know a little bit more about this person before you swipe them into your life. Sometimes you have want the answer to some deeper questions, like “do you prefer turkey bacon or pork bacon?” If the answer to this question is make or break in your prospective relationships, you might be interested in meat and cold cut company Oscar Mayer’s new bacon-based dating app called Sizzl.

Possibly the most ridiculous but admirable marketing product of all time, Sizzl will allow you access to a network of bacon lovers, which makes your chances of finding that perfect someone look pretty good.

image: © Oscar Mayer

Upon signing up through Facebook, the app asks a series of extremely important questions about bacon preferences such as “Do you like your bacon crispy?” and “Would you split the last piece of bacon with your date?” Sizzl then allows you to apply these deeply revealing preferences to your profile, upload photos of yourself (or your favourite cuts of bacon, if you’re going for the hard sell) and start swiping through profiles. Once you’ve found someone that lights a fire under your frying pan you can indicate just how intensely you’re feeling a “sizzl” for them by holding your finger down on a heart shaped button; the longer you hold the button, the more they’ve made your bacon crackle. It’s simple, and much more interesting than the standard left and right swipe interface. Then, if you both match you have the option to begin chatting. You definitely have something in common already.

If in using the app you come across someone who reveals to you that they don’t actually like bacon, you can stop the continuation of betrayal by reporting them and selecting the complaint of “doesn’t love bacon.” This is a community that takes its passion seriously.

Right now Sizzl is available exclusively on the apple store for free on versions iOS 8 and later, so sorry Android users, it looks like you’ll have to eat your bacon alone this evening. We feel a bit left out.

Main Image: © iStock/IzabelaHabur