YouTube Gaming is bringing live streaming to Android devices

And you know how much we love Android support

After launching in the UK and US last month, Youtube Gaming shows no signs of slowing down, with the announcement that Android phones will soon be able to live-broadcast Android gameplay directly to the service.

The announcement comes from the Tokyo Games Show, alongside the news that Japan will be the first market in Asia to get a dedicated YouTube Gaming app for iOS and Android. The update didn’t have an official launch date, but we were given a window of “soon”, probably in the tone of a placatory parent.

Of course, it makes sense that YouTube Gaming isn’t sitting back for a moment’s respite after its launch, considering the competition it’s facing from Amazon’s Twitch, which has had longer to establish itself in the live-streaming gamer community. However, Google are making a very astute move here. Firstly by moving so quickly into the Japanese market, and secondly by focussing on mobile games. Japan has one of the largest markets in the world for mobile games and considering the both the Japanese and mobile gaming markets have yet to be seriously tapped by Twitch, it makes sense that Google wants to get YouTube Gaming in there first.

YouTube Gaming has a slick and easy to use interface, as well as well as neat rewinding features, so it’s unlikely that the service will be received unfavourably in Japan and it will probably easily find its place as the go-to gaming live stream service. It’s unlikely that a dedicated Japanese YouTube Gaming app will affect UK viewers that much, although it will mean that there will be more streams to watch and maybe some new exclusively Japanese games to see, which would be great.

Undoubtedly, YouTube Gaming still has much to do if it wants to beat Amazon’s Twitch, but this addition of Android support will surely give YouTube a significant leg up and allow it to begin its cornering of the ever-growing mobile gaming market. Considering popular gaming companies like Nintendo are committing to developing a strong focus on mobile games, it could be the most sensible move.

Main Image: © YouTube Gaming