Could Samsung be releasing foldable smartphones?

Flexible displays have been around for a while now, maybe it's time

Remember when we told you about the Wove Band and we envisioned a future where we might be able to fold up our smartphones and shove them in our pockets? Well, it looks like we weren’t dreaming as far forward as we thought as it seems that Samsung is in the testing phase of a new folding smartphone called “Project Valley.”

PC Mag, citing Chinese website Weibo, have reported that the device has two prospective processors: the Snapdragon 620 and the Snapdragon 820. Both will have 3GB RAM with the opportunity to expand this with a micro-SD slot. Samsung are no strangers to moving away from the traditional flat smartphone screen as we’ve seen with the Galaxy Note Edge and the S6 Edge.

It looks like they could be getting nostalgic for the concept of the folding flip phone. The difference with “Project Valley”, however, would be that rather than having the phone in two halves, we would have one long flexible and foldable screen as suggested by the patent Samsung filed back in June. We imagine the final device would be something like what Samsung displayed in this (truly terrible, we are so sorry) concept video, using something similar to the Youm displays they launched at CES in 2013:

Considering how much Samsung are pushing their Virtual Reality headset, even providing them for Marriott Hotels’ newest venture, this flexible technology could be something they’re considering integrating into VR. When trying the Playstation VR and the Samsung Gear headset, we found that because of the flat screen, the peripheral view offered wasn’t quite as wide as you’d like it to be to feel like you were truly immersed; displays flexible enough to wrap around could be a solution to this and Samsung could be the first VR hardware developer to offer this.

Foldable displays would certainly be one way for Samsung to push smartphones in a new direction, although considering this patent, Apple probably wouldn’t be too far behind them, and neither would LG. I still don’t know how comfortable I would feel about folding up my phone like a wallet and stuffing it into my pocket, but I’d certainly be interested in attempting it.

Main Image: Youtube