Spider-Gwen is swinging back into action this October

More promising female characters. Rejoice!

After being introduced last year as a minor character in Marvel’s Spider-Verse event, Spider-Gwen was swiftly taken into the hearts of fans, her popularity securing her her own spin-off book. This was quite a nice change of scene for the character of Gwen, who was really only known as Peter Parker’s greatest love, and then the reason for Peter Parker’s greatest sadness. It doesn’t leave a character much scope, even if they are popular. Now that Secret Wars is finally coming to an end, Marvel aren’t letting the popularity of this character slide past them and Spider-Gwen is rising from the dust and making a return, this time in her own first issue.

Sometimes it can be frustrating and confusing trying to jump into a fully-developed comic book series, despite knowing for certain that you’ll love the character. Fortunately, if you’ve always wanted to be there at the rising stages of a fantastic female comic book hero, able to follow her adventures from issue #1, Spider-Gwen is an excellent opportunity.

Here’s a quick overview of Spider-Gwen’s origin story, just in case you’re not sure you’re invested yet. In true comic style, Spider-Gwen is the product of a parallel universe where Gwen Stacey was bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker. We’ll get to see Gwen deal with all the high school difficulties, enemies, and the stresses of hiding her identity that Peter had to deal with, and we can’t wait; it’s a simple twist with the opportunity for some really interesting stories. We’re especially excited after seeing some of these variant covers that have been released:

Images: © Marvel

Spider-Gwen’s first issue will be released on October 14th, coming from the same creative team that initially brought her to life: writer Jason Latour and artists Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi. The colour palette of the art looks beautiful and we couldn’t be more excited to see Spider-Gwen’s adventures continue.

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Main Image: © Marvel