Could we be getting a remastered BioShock series?

Please yes. Please.

Oh, Raru, you seem to spring more leaks than a sieve in the ocean. Yes, the South African retailer that leaked the Jigglypuff and Splatoon Amiibo had earlier today set yet another title for release: a BioShock collection for current gen consoles. They had set the collection for release on PS4 and XBox One on the 27th of November 2015, and they were even taking preorders. The page has since been taken down.

2K games haven’t actually given any indication that they’re intending to release any such collection, and this close to the release it seems unlikely that they wouldn’t have at least given us a teaser before now. Then again, perhaps they’re relying on the fact that BioShock is such a popular and well-made series and a current gen re-release would be so hotly anticipated that they don’t actually need all that much build up to ensure a profitable release.

Whilst developer Irrational Games shut down last year, announcing that they were done with the series, 2K Games promised no such thing. In fact, they promised the opposite. A good start to beginning a new BioShock project would be to release a remastered version of the series so far to keep fans engaged.

At any rate, it seems inevitable that BioShock will see itself remastered and rereleased, it’s a trend in the current gen and for such a well-loved game series it has to happen. Whether or not that will be on November 27th is yet to be confirmed; online retailers don’t always get release dates on the nose but the product itself I don’t doubt Raru have right. And the fact that they’ve deleted the product page makes it seem even more suspicious.

Main Image via Flickr © Tamahikari Tammas