Pocket Wardrobe: the UK’s first exclusively plus size shopping and styling app

And it's free! Goodbye shopping woes.

Pocket Wardrobe is the UK’s first, exclusively plus size styling and shopping app for sizes 14 to 36, which aims to level the fashion playing field for the plus size shopper by providing an interactive app-based interface that encourages conversation and confidence in users across the plus size community. How has this not been a thing before now? Here it is in action:

After downloading the app, Pocket Wardrobe users are able to create a personal profile that includes their location, size range, style, and colour preferences. Users then post a question on Pocket Wardrobe asking for a specific outfit or product suggestion, with the ability to add occassion information and price range. Expert stylists proceed to hunt down the perfect solution on behalf of the user who can then browse these personalised fashion solutions, buy the clothes online or locate their nearest stocking store. Seems pretty simple! No retailers have been announced in connection just yet, but we will update as we find out.

Questions posted on the app are public, which means other users can suggest product or outfits too, making it feel like a community as much as a service. There’s also a Love List feature which allows users to save anything they like, so that they have a ready made space full of fashion that inspires them for when they need it.

Image © PocketWardrobe

The app is currently only available for free on Apple, but fortunately Android availability is currently under development.

Pocket Wardrobe was launched by stylists Debbie Gray and Penny Sloane (Penny also launched Marks and Spencer’s first plus size range) who have over 65 years experience in styling and retail. We asked them some questions about Pocket Wardrobe:

Penny Sloane and Debbie Gray, creators of Pocket Wardrobe

What made you want to start Pocket Wardrobe?

Years of working in retail followed by years of having our own personal styling businesses has meant that we can sit with our feet firmly planted in both camps. We know that the holy grail for retailers is to understand and interact with their customers on a more personal level and also to find new customers who would like what they sell.

We also know from our experience of working with hundreds of clients that shopping for clothes isn’t always easy. People are often time poor or stuck in a shopping rut. So many of the women that we worked with asked ‘how can I make shopping easier?’ that we decided to do something about it. Pocket Wardrobe is a personal styling and shopping app that opens up choice and hones choice at the same time, because it’s based on specific requests. It brings ‘old-fashioned’ customer service to tech and enables retailers to offer a digital personal shopping service.

Did you find your extensive experience in the retail sector really helped you when it came to creating an easily shoppable app?

Yes, it meant that our ideas were always based in the reality of what would/ wouldn’t work for a retailer as well as what the customer would want. Our biggest learnings have been around the progress and capability of tech, to support what we wanted to do.

Are you plus-sized yourself? If so, can you tell us about your experiences of shopping? If not, what made you decide to create this app?

Neither of us are plus-size. However, Penny has two plus size sisters so sees first hand their shopping frustrations. She also developed the first plus size range for Marks and Spencer back in the 80’s. The app was originally conceived for everyone – men and women of all shapes and sizes. But, as we grew, we saw that plus size women were particularly active on the app and the more we researched and understood this market, the more we realised that these were women who embodied everything we were about. Bringing choice, service and inspiration to an underserved market.

Is the app to be exclusively for women, or do you have plans to include men’s clothing too?

Our focus is on women but we are open to a future move into men’s plus size

What are your hopes for the future of the app?

Our ambition is to be a brilliant plus size destination. THE place to find inspiration, choice and fashion solutions. We are currently only available as an iOS app but want to develop cross-platform access.

You can have a look at the app’s website here, or download from the Apple App Store.

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