Pottermore has undergone a transfiguration

The website has a whole new look and some brand new content

Pottermore is an interactive Harry Potter website launched in 2012 that allows fans to delve deeper into the wizarding world than they could through the books and the movies and discover adventures of their own. It was like an encyclopedia you could roam through, sortings fans into houses and finding them their wands before allowing them to play through each book chapter by chapter, learning more about the wizarding world on the way by taking part in it through duels and potion making. But it seems like Professor McGonagall has been twirling her wand and performing some serious transfiguration around the site because it has an entirely new look.

The website has taken on a more traditional look in an attempt to be more mobile friendly, that, for now, focuses on features articles and news from the Pottermore team and JK Rowling herself, and you won’t need a username and password to access it. It kicked off with an in depth look at Harry’s family history and a wonderful new logo penned by Rowling herself.

The site’s content is split into categories: Writing by JK Rowling; “Explore the Story” which offers in-depth character profiles, spells, and creature information; Features which right now is mostly made up of listicles such as “8 adorable Harry and Ginny moments” (which are, thankfully, mostly from the books) as well as some behind the scenes looks at the making of the films. Finally there’s news which is particularly interesting with JK Rowling’s involvement, so we imagine it’ll be the place to go to find out all about the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, as well as the upcoming London stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Image: Screenshot

If the loss of the old site is making you feel like a Dementor has just come to call, don’t worry, it was announced on Twitter and in the site’s FAQs that the sorting hat and wands will be making a return in the coming months, with the possible addition of some Patronus features. Just think happy thoughts and your Patronus will come.

As someone who waited eagerly for Pottermore and signed up the day it was launched despite the difficulties caused by everyone trying to do the same, I’m happy to see this change in the site. Something about the old RPG-style of the site wasn’t working; it wasn’t as involving as it could have been, failing to keep even this rabid fan’s interest, so it’s nice to see that the Harry Potter fandom is still alive and well enough that a more attractive and easy to navigate website has been attempted so that Pottermore adventures can start afresh, and hopefully even improve.

Grab your cloak and your wand and go and check it out!

Main Image: Screenshot