This hoodie will give you a massage on the go

No masseuse? No problem

How often do you find yourself hunched over at your office desk, back aching, praying for a steam roller to make a drastic wrong turn and flatten you out because that would be less painful than having to part with your cash for an expensive massage? I’m guessing pretty often. Well, Singapore-based tech and fashion company TWare could have just the product for you.

TWare are planning to release a product called “Aira” which is a “mobile massage suite.” This essentially means it’s a hoodie with a built in massage system. The hoodie looks perfectly average from the outside, but built inside is a lightweight smartphone controlled massaging suite that uses rotating air pressure units to relieve its wearer’s aches and pains with targeted point pressure on the upper and lower back.

Image: © TWare

Unlike those awful massage chairs that feel like they’re just vibrating you until you think you feel fine, but it could just be that your spine has eroded, Aira uses air pressure to produce the sensation of a massage. Based on deep-touch pressure, the air is apparently more than capable of giving a relaxing massage while the jacket is being worn, meaning you don’t have to take time out of your day to fit in some relaxation. The use of air technology also means the jacket is extremely light allowing it to be worn comfortably through the day until the need to switch on the massage feature can be ignored no longer.

The website doesn’t say exactly how much the jacket will cost, but it does say it will be “less than half the price of a smartphone.” Not which smartphone in particular, which would be helpful, but it gives us a ballpark figure of around £50 to £450. Aira doesn’t have a set release date but it is on its way, and you can sign up to the newsletter on the company’s website for updates on the the product that wants to be the working professional and traveller’s hoodie.

Main Image: © TWare