The 10 best dog accounts to follow on Instagram

You didn't need to do any work anyway

Who here is obsessed with dogs? -RAISES HAND- Who here dreams of one day being a bona fide dog lady? -RAISES BOTH HANDS- That’s right, I see you, my fellow dog fanatics. I mean, let’s just establish this universal truth that will remain true beyond the end of time: dogs are the best.

But some of us can’t have dogs of our own (hi, landlords). Or can’t be with them. So what do we do? Live vicariously through the dogs of Instagram – the Dogstagrams, if you will. And to save you some time, I’ve made like a sheepdog and rounded up 10 of the best.


1. Lucielle Bull

#Wbw ?hatever Tag your cuddle buddy

A photo posted by Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) on

One of the first things you’ll notice about Lucielle’s feed is that the photos are usually shot in a very minimalistic style, and rightly so since Lucielle, as the star, should be the main and sole focus. With only the help of a few props, Lucielle skillfully shows off a wide range of emotions that would prove competition for even the best actresses, including her namesake. Someone get CBS on the phone for I Love Lucielle.

Take that week ! ITS FRIYAY!

A photo posted by Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) on


A photo posted by Lucielle Bull (@lucyfarted) on

2. Burrito

TGIF #stayweird

A photo posted by Burrito? (@burrito_the_corgi) on

The tiniest and arguably the cutest corgi you’ll find on Instagram. I’m a big fan of dogs who are named after food (mine’s called Bacon) and somehow the name ‘Burrito’ makes this dog 100 times cuter than he already is, which is pretty adorable. If you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll see him when he was even tinier as a puppy. No need to worry, that was just me squealing from small puppy overload.

How you doing ? #corgi #corgisofinstagram #buzzfeed #burritothecorgi #barkbox #muttbrandrep

A photo posted by Burrito? (@burrito_the_corgi) on

Let's be frank , does this make me look fat ?

A photo posted by Burrito? (@burrito_the_corgi) on

3. Trotter

My new sister & snuggle buddy, @evelyn

A photo posted by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

Trotter claims that Miss Piggy is his spirit animal, so that right there should give you a good idea of his personality. Whether he’s dressed as a human or another animal, he pulls off each and every look with a completely straight face. He’s either a very professional model, or he knows that he might as well stay still because resistance is futile (but he is still not amused).

Harry Trotter ?

A photo posted by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

I love pumpkins so much I turned into one. #JambaJuice #LiveFruitfully #Halloween #sponsored

A photo posted by Trotter (@trotterpup) on

4. Doug

"I need a six month vacation twice a year" -Doug

A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Doug the Pug is super famous. I’m talking merch store and pre-orderable eighteen-month calendar famous. Modelling as a Minion, Yoda, and Batman are all in a day’s work for Doug. His expressions range from “FRENCH FRIES” to “Can’t a dog sleep anymore without someone taking a picture?!” It seems Doug also has a thing for modelling with pug-themed items and letting celebrities hold him. It takes humans decades to reach this level of effortless fame. Go Doug.

"I go hard on the weekend" -Doug

A photo posted by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

Corgnelius in glasses sitting next to an egg in glasses. #NoNeckButEggQuisiteVision

A photo posted by Corgnelius & Stumphrey (@corgnelius) on

Okay, let’s just pause for a minute and fully appreciate the fact that these corgi brothers are called Corgnelius and Stumphrey. Let that sink in: CORGNELIUS. STUMPHREY. Now I can’t tell the two of them apart, but that doesn’t matter, because they’re both so cute with their cute wittle corgi bums and adowable wittle corgi stumps that I could just die.

6. Chloe


A photo posted by Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

According to her Instagram bio, Chloe is a fan of NYC, fashion, travel, and charity, so obviously she is me in dog form. Except I haven’t taken pics with Kelly Osbourne or been in Vogue, so really, Chloe is me in famous and glamorous dog form. A natural model, Chloe always looks her best whether she’s catching up on some beauty sleep, eating pizza, or getting back to her French roots and posing in front of famous Parisian monuments, clichéd striped top and all.

stripes on stripes #ootd

A photo posted by Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

bedtime! tag your cuddle buddy ?

A photo posted by Chloe (@chloetheminifrenchie) on

7. Rex

Full disclosure: as a proud mum of a golden retriever myself, Rex just might be my fave dog on the list. But even if you’re not a retriever person, his gorgeous golden fur and big beautiful brown eyes will leave you melting in a puddle of tears. Rex lives with his three (human) siblings, and by the looks of it, is an extremely patient big brother.

Weekend naps rule #sodoweekdaynaps

A photo posted by Rex the Golden Retreiver (@goldenrex) on

Hey, where's my head?

A photo posted by Rex the Golden Retreiver (@goldenrex) on

They love to shop @homegoods #pitbull #sonnyray #derek #love

A photo posted by Josh Reyes & Sonny Ray The Dog (@dogumantry) on

We live in a cruel and unjust world where pitbulls have a very bad rep. Enter Sonny Ray. With the help of his dad and personal photographer Josh, Sonny Ray is on a mission to prove to the world that pitbulls are just as kind and fun-loving as any of the other dogs on this list. Oh, and he wears really funky shades while doing it, so bonus cool points right there.

Sonny Ray says " Please Don't Judge A Book By it's Cover" Woof ♡ Jr&Sr #dogumantry #sonnyray #pitbull #LOVE #reversedrescue

A photo posted by Josh Reyes & Sonny Ray The Dog (@dogumantry) on

9. Tuna

You know a dog has charisma when his scraggly teeth make you go “awwww”. Tuna likes to sleep with his Jaws-like teeth on full display, which is so unbearably adorable that I’ve been staring at the same photo of him sleeping for, like, the past thirty minutes. I’d gush about him some more, but that’s detracting from my overall watching-him-sleep time.

"What do you mean, summer is over?" No more sleeping in for this hound dog!" writes @chubsthebasset. #dogsofinstagram #dogs #dog

A photo posted by Dogs of Instagram (@dogsofinstagram) on

If you like variety or feel bad picking one dog as your favourite, then Dogs of Instagram is for you. Big dogs, small dogs, dogs reading books, dogs on their laptops, dogs making puppy eyes, dogs wearing flannels, dog wearing Hawaiian t-shirts – THEY’RE ALL HERE. This is the ultimate Dogstagram. Good luck getting any work done ever again.

As a final note, I’m incredibly sorry to any dogs who are disappointed they’re not on here. Please don’t hate me. In my eyes, you’re all the best dogs on Instagram. Yesh, that’s right, you are. Good boy.

Main Image: © iStock/Dobino