There are more Andys than women running the UK’s top firms

We have no words

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Is your boss called Andrew? According to a study of the top 100 UK companies by workwear company Stormline, chances are the company you work for is run by a 54-year-old white dude who’s called either that or the pally version, Andy (‘I’m a friend first, boss second. Probably entertainer third’).

While we can’t say we’re surprised to hear there are a load of white men in suits running the country, what really pissed us off is that there are more directors called Andrew than women in total. Seriously. Of those hundred firms, only six were run by women, while there were eight Andrews. The study notes somewhat depressingly that in January, when Alison Brittain takes over from Andy Harrison as CEO of Whitbread, the ratio will be equal.

Not the ratio of men to women, you understand. The ratio of women to Andys.

This is actually the UK we inhabit in 2015. Sigh.

There are some interesting findings from the rest of the study, too (which oddly completely excludes racial information even in the raw data, despite saying Andrew is likely to be White British). We’d have thought there’d be more than 14% Oxbridge graduates, and it’s amazing to hear that one company’s being run by a guy named Merlin.

Mostly, though, we’re both depressed and fuelled by the total lack of women in boardrooms in this country. More companies need to take a leaf out of Heather Brunner‘s book, if you ask us.

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