Smartphone brand Oppo quotes Bill Cosby as ‘inspiration’

Apparently they didn't get the memo

Always take them seriously, please!


File this one under #facepalm.

Massive Chinese phone manufacturer Oppo, who sell Android phones in the UK and have links to OnePlus, posted this on Twitter on Monday 28th September:


It seems they completely missed the many, many accusations of drug-induced assault and rape levelled against the former star – or else they think quoting a suspected rapist is the best way to get through your Monday. Neither is looking too good for the brand right now.

It’s particularly horrifying that the quote they chose to use could easily be seen to refer to rape. Despite a flurry of responses, the tweet is still up at the time of writing:

We’ll update if and when Oppo realise their epic mistake – hopefully with a grovelling apology.

Update: We have an apology, but we definitely wouldn’t call it grovelling. In fact, it’s the classic “sorry you were offended.” But it’s something, we guess, and the tweet’s been taken down.

With thanks to Ben Donkor and Martin Bryant for the heads-up.

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