This tower of power could charge your phone from up to 17ft away

Cables be gone!

At Gadgette, we’re fans of wireless charging in the form of pads or complete sets of furniture. It’s so easy, it’s so neat. The one problem is, it’s still as stationary as more traditional methods of charging, requiring your phone to sit in a designated spot.

Well, that might not be a problem anymore with this new charging tower from TechNovator. Through electromagnetic waves which communicate via coils fitted in the tower itself and an accompanying phone case,  XE will charge your phone at a distance of up to 17ft. You could walk into a room with your phone in your bag and as long as you’re within 17ft of the charging station, your phone will begin to recharge automatically.

Image: TechNovator

As you’d expect, there are limitations: it’s technology, not magic sadly. The further your phone is from the charging tower, the longer it will take to charge. You’d kind of expect this considering the process works by electromagnetic waves. According to TechNovator, an average phone placed 5-6 feet away from the charger will recharge in around four hours, which is quite a bit longer than the traditional charging options. And you probably don’t want any thick walls to get between you and the tower if you want a reliable charge.

That said, the XE can charge up to four devices at the same time without sacrificing any charging speed, which would be pretty useful in a busy house.

Well, it would be useful for iPhone 6 users at least – because unfortunately that’s the only handset the device supports, at least initially. This leaves us less excited for the immediate product, but still very excited about the technological possibilities and the prospect of expanding the line. If the coils fitted into the iPhone 6 case became standard inside smartphones themselves, this technology could mean that wireless charging stations could pop up anywhere and everywhere. If stations like these were installed in public places your phone could easily drip charge and stay alive for the whole day, which would be great for anyone not inclined to carrying a portable charger with them.

The XE will be launched as a package containing the tower and an iPhone case. There’s no price or release date information as of yet, however there’s a Kickstarter planned for launch in November. You can sign up for updates here on the company’s website.

Main Image: TechNovator