Geeky find of the week: fantasy armour clothing line

Chainmail is a wardrobe staple

Do you sometimes open your wardrobe and feel like it’s lacking the “dragon fighter” and “mage extraordinaire” aesthetic you want but just can’t quite achieve? Well, our geeky find of the week this week will definitely help with that.

Living Dead Clothing’s Fantasy Armour range is incredible, bringing the intricate designs of all your favourite RPG armour to life. Thankfully it’s in the somewhat more wearable form of polyester and spandex leggings and dresses rather than head-to-toe chainmail and dragon scales (as light as they supposedly are, they’ve got nothing on spandex).

images: Living Dead Clothing

The line ranges from chainmail and iron armour leggings to Elven mage and knight dresses, all in a variety of jewel tones. Prices range from $65 AUD (around £30) for leggings to up to $90 AUD (around £42) for dresses. Dresses are available in sizes XS to XL, whilst leggings have more sizes going from XS to XXL.

Images: Living Dead Clothing

Living Dead are an Australia based company, but they do offer international shipping using Australia Post which offers tracking, proof of posting, and delivery within 7-10 days. For shipping to the UK it will cost around $15 AUD, or £7.

If you’ve not thought about Halloween yet, or you just want to bring a bit of fantasy into your Autumn wardrobe these are definitely for you.

Please note: these items will not afford protection in any physical battle. We suggest you channel all your fierceness into your attitude.

Main Image: Living Dead Clothing