Watch: The world’s cringiest tampon ad gets a truth-telling parody

Let's bust some stereotypes, babes

If you missed it, tampon brand Lil-Lets recently unveiled an appalling ad ‘starring’ some women from TOWIE:

We have so many problems with this.

  • This is not how women speak to one another
  • No one has ever asked another woman if they’ve tried a particular brand of tampon (WHY)
  • The penis comparisons. Again, WHY? Can we only talk about periods if we relate them to sex?
  • The dialogue: “This is nice and girthy, babes”
  • The only woman of colour in the entire ad is a toilet attendant

Thankfully, an anonymous creative team by the name of The Painters have taken it upon themselves to fix it. Their version is a fair bit longer, but addresses some *actual* truths:

I can’t say I identified with all the truths in the parody ad, but it’s a great idea nonetheless – and someone really needed to call out the original.

The Painters say they aren’t trying to attack Lil-Lets, but are “playfully commenting on how tampon and sanitary ads hardly ever represent real period truths.”

Amen to that.

Main image: Lil-Lets via YouTube

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