Starbucks orders go mobile

You could get your caffeine hit even faster

Update the Starbucks app on your phone, because there’s an all new feature from today: mobile order and pay. This new Starbucks scheme which uses the Starbucks app and My Starbucks Reward card allows customers to place and pay for orders on the go, and pick them up at the store 3 to 5 minutes later.

The scheme launched for iOS devices in the USA in December of last year and has since expanded to over 7500 Starbucks locations across the country, so it has some success behind it. Today is the start of the first trial phase of the technology in the UK and it’s available in more than 150 stores across London, covering stores from Heathrow airport to City airport.

images : © Starbucks

We tried out the new technology yesterday, and it seems pretty simple to work. After opening the app, you’ll see a new option to “order” at the top right of the screen. Simply select which store you’d like to pick up from using the GPS map (approximate wait times will pop up alongside your selected store), select what food or drink you’d like, and click order. Your payment and name are taken at time of order from your registered Starbucks card, so your only job is making sure you’re at your selected store on time to skip the queue and pick up your order as it’s set down on the bar. There’s no option to order hours in advance, you’re simply joining the physical in-store queue as a digital entity.

Image: © Starbucks

This app seems like the perfect solution for anyone with a complex Starbucks order. There can be nothing worse than waiting in a busy queue repeating your order over and over in your head, getting to the barista and having words fall out of your mouth in a jumble of “can I have a mocha cappafrappacino with grande milk and two shots of coconut pumpkins to sit go? Help me.”

For office coffee runs it’s a dream come true; no one will face having to remember everyone’s coffee order again, just tap it into the app and pick it up. The menu you’ll see is tailored to the store you’ve selected, so if anything’s out of stock the app will tell you and stop you ordering it. It could actually be a good way of making sure your closest Starbucks has that muffin you want before you make the effort to go in.

There’s also complete nutritional information available for everything you can order, which is great for anyone wanting to keep track of what’s in their food. Although we kind of wish the calories weren’t right there next to the order; some days (read: all days) you just don’t want to know. I am not in Starbucks because I’m on a health kick.

image: © Starbucks

Starbucks report that the app has had a positive response in the US, with customers saying it typically saves them 10 to 15 minutes in their day. Speech and hearing-impaired customers have called it a “game changer” that helps them get their correct order fast.

The app feature is unfortunately only available on iOS just now, but Android is apparently coming soon and we’ll let you know of any updates.

Get on Mobile Pay and Go now before everyone afraid of technological change eventually embraces it and we bet you’ll see some real benefits.

UPDATE: Mobile order and pay isn’t just in London anymore; it’s now available in Starbucks stores across the UK on iOS and Android. Queue skips for all!

Main Image: © Starbucks