Instasnoop: the app that lets you view someone’s Instagram in safety

Never risk the double-tap again

Update: it’s come to our attention that Instasnoop’s Twitter account, with its 7 whole followers, is really gross. It’s up to you whether you want to support this company by downloading their app, but either way we’ve included the original article below.

It’s every millennial’s worst nightmare: you’re flicking through the Instagram of someone you like while sipping a cup of tea, and then it happens. THE DREADED DOUBLE-TAP. That’s right — you’ve “liked” a picture of theirs from two years ago. Bye-bye, outside world. You now have to change your identity, move to Australia, and remove any and all traces of you on the internet.

Now only if you’d had an app that was identical to Instagram, but prevented you from “liking” anything. Enter Instasnoop.

The name is pretty self-explanatory — this app links to your own Instagram account and lets you safely snoop around other people’s Instagrams “without the fear of dropping your phone on your face, and having your nose accidentally like an image upon impact.” FINALLY. An app that we actually need. I considered trying it out on my crush’s IG but didn’t want to risk any bugs, so instead here on the left is a screenshot of me snooping on my best friend Sandy. On the right is a photo of Sandy (looking much cooler and braver than I ever will) as viewed on Instasnoop. Notice that it tells you how many likes and comments the photo has, but doesn’t actually give you the ability to like or comment on it yourself.

Image © Moe Thet War

As you can see, the overall layout is similar enough to the original IG one that your brain automatically makes the association. However, when you look at it close enough, it’s designed to only do one thing: snoop.

Because in addition to saving us from accidental double-tapping shame, Instasnoop also has a few other features that Instagram doesn’t. For instance, you can pinch to zoom into a pic and do some magnified snooping. Is that a Burmese python? A Boa constrictor? IS THAT MY JUMPER?

Image © Moe Thet War

You’ll also observe that there’s a button on both the original profile page and this specific photo that says “add to Snooplist.” The “Snooplist” is a list to which you can add both profiles and specific pictures without having to follow anyone or sift through years of artsy latte pics. You click the little heart magnifying glass at the top right to view your Snooplist. Think of it as your little black Instagram book, ideal for saving your favourite Kim Kardashian photos without being seen to publicly follow her.

Finally, there’s the ability to have an overview of your Insta-network and identify any mutual followers. You can even add and switch between multiple IG accounts for whatever diverse snooping needs you might have. And, if after careful observation you decide that you do want to actively like or comment on the photo or follow your snoopee, pressing on the little three horizontal dots will give you the option to open it in Instagram (the real one, not the snooping one).

Obviously, as is the case with any new tech, there is the risk of abuse. I’ve already seen people describe the app as a new way to “stalk” people, but of course there’s a big difference between giddily snooping on a first friend’s IG, and seriously stalking someone. In reality, this app doesn’t let you do anything Instagram doesn’t already: you can see anyone’s photos as long as they have them public, it’s just that this prevents you from accidentally interacting with them.

I bring you Instasnoop in the belief that you will only use it for good, and never to cause harm. So tell me, dear reader, what are you going to do with your newfound snooping superpowers?

Main image © Instasnoop