Two women have reimagined Disney princesses as hot dogs

We don't know whether we want to eat them or put them in an art museum

The internet has managed to reimagine the Disney princesses in pretty much every possible way, from making them high schoolers, to chopping their hair off, to making them sexy pin up dolls (I know, I know). But we really don’t think it’s been done better than this: Disney princesses as hot dogs.

I’m honestly so confused that I want to eat them more than any other hot dog. The creations are the work of Lucky Peach writers Anna Hezel and Gabriella Paiella, who wanted to achieve something a little more inspiring from their princess recreations. Well, they’ve succeeded. I am inspired. And hungry.

Using a variety of condiments, Anna and Gabrielle have truly painted with all the colours of the kitchen and managed to create hot dogs that really capture the room-brightening and inspiring effect a Disney princess has. Or maybe that’s just the natural effect of any hot dog.

Introducing the new hot dog royals. You’re damn right you’ll curtsey before you dig in.





They’ve even put up recipes so you can make your own. So much yes. Please do more. I’d love a villains series.

All images © Lucky Peach