Geeky find of the week : mug edition

You don't need pumpkin to spice up your latte

When the weather gets this dull and dreary there’s nothing better than pouring a searing hot mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and clutching it between your freezing hands. But there’s absolutely no reason you should have to do that in a bog standard lump of ceramic, so we’re here to make your hot beverage experience even better with these geeky mugs.

1) Baby Groot Mug

Does coffee make you wriggle with energy? If it does, you’ll love this mug that’ll give you someone to wriggle alongside. The dancing Groot mug looks like any old white ceramic mug, until you put the Groot-topped lid on it and receive instant geeky satisfaction. Unfortunately Groot doesn’t actually dance as far as we know (who knows what happens when your back is turned?) but we love the idea that you can turn your mug into a geeky desk decoration that won’t fail to make you smile.

image via Think Geek

The baby Groot mug is available on Think Geek for $14.99 (around £9). Think Geek offer international shipping to the UK in the form of UPS Express and DHL, or a less expensive economy service for smaller, lighter orders weighing less than 4 pounds and costing less than $400.

2) Self-Rescuing Princess mug

Of course we love this one. If there’s one thing I know I can do after my morning coffee it’s absolutely anything. Screw your damsel in distress, I’m caffeinated and capable.

image via Think Geek

The self-rescuing Princess mug is available on Think Geek for $9.99 (around £6).

3) Dualgrip Controller Mug

If you’ve gamed so hard you’ve developed an inability to do anything one-handed or half-hearted then you’re probably going to need this dualgrip controller mug.

image via Amazon

The dualgrip controller mug is available on Amazon for £12.99 with free UK delivery

4) Polyjuice Potion Mug

Of all the Harry Potter related things that could be put on a mug, this seems like the best one. If your morning coffee turns you into another (more productive) person for at least an hour or two then you’ll want to make the process feel a little more magical with this Polyjuice potion mug. Just hope a cat hair doesn’t get in there.

image via amazon

The Polyjuice potion mug is available on Amazon for £5.99.

5) Mr Tea teapot and cup for one

Mr Tea pities the fool that can’t get away from their A Team and just sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa.

image via soft kitty clothing

The Mr Tea teapot and cup for one is available from Soft Kitty Clothing for £15 with £3 first class delivery through Royal Mail.

6) 2-Player Gaming Mug Set

If you’d rather not enjoy your drink alone, then you’ll definitely want to check out this 2 Player gaming mug set from Think Geek. One mug reads player one and the other reads player two, and putting them together makes a complete classic controller image. Imagine all the fights you can have over who gets to be player one.

image via Think Geek

The 2-Player mug set is available from Think Geek for $14.99 (around £9).

Main Image via Soft Kitty Clothing