FAO Konami: a woman unzipping her outfit is not a “tactical advantage”

Glad to see lessons have been learnt...!

We recently wrote about Konami’s piss-poor excuse for the barely-there costume of their Metal Gear Solid character, Quiet. After all the controversy it caused, you’d think they might have wanted to avoid any further dodgy moves, but apparently not. Now that Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain online multiplayer has gone live, downloadable content is available on Xbox One and amongst that content is a new jumpsuit inspired by the one worn by female spy EVA that can be, get this, unzipped for “tactical advantage.”

Here’s the product description “Jumpsuit that the female spy EVA wore during Operation Snake Eater. The chest area can be unzipped for a tactical advantage. *For female staff only”

Well, you wouldn’t want a man unzipping his outfit, would you? #rolleyes

I’m not certain to whose advantage this outfit and its tactics actually works, but the cynic in me says it’s not the female staff’s. I think it’s intended as tongue in cheek, particularly the reference to an undisclosed “tactical advantage,” in an attempt to poke fun at the outcry against that absolutely necessary outfit Quiet wore. But honestly, have a bit of bloody sense, Konami.

Do you honestly want to add yet another exposed female character to this game and make it official that there are more fully dressed men than there are items of clothing on your female characters’ bodies? This entire thing just highlights that you’ve really only got most of these female characters in the game for their sex appeal. Metal Gear Solid players are not all stereotypical horny teenage boys, so don’t treat us like that.

Maybe this is an effort to soothe the rage that microtransactions create with tits. Is this outfit to your tactical advantage, Konami? “Get your tits here, 79p for some animated tits! What a bargain!” That’s pretty much all this feels like. They’re using a sexualised female body in order to try and get 79p out of their players and that’s just insulting to everyone. It’s not a fond throwback to EVA as a character, it’s a fond throwback to her exposed body, and a really depressing grab for cash.

Main Image via Xbox.com