This statement necklace has integrated headphones

Gone are the days of finding your headphones tangled at the bottom of your bag

So often I’ll arrive at work, switch my music off, and pop my headphones into my handbag without a second thought. It seems like the best and safest place for them. Until the end of the day comes and I extract them from the place they’ve managed to lodge themselves in the depths of my bag. I don’t know what happens in my bag when I zip it up. I can only assume my headphones fall victim to a tangle goblin that has taken residence somewhere between the lipstick mountains and tissue town and makes it his life’s work to ensure that never will I be able to listen to music without first having to pick several constrictor knots out of my headphones. I hate him.

This necklace by Tinsel just launched on Indiegogo might, however, be offering a solution to this problem. The Dipper is a clever piece of jewellery tech that has fully functional headphones integrated into it. The constant tangling and untangling our headphones face is not only irritating, it also shortens their lifespan by wearing them out, and The Dipper is offering what seems like a pretty stylish solution by housing your earbuds and cables inside its metal casing.

The main casing of The Dipper which holds the earbuds is almost entirely made of a lightweight aluminium alloy, so you don’t feel like you’re carrying a first generation iPod around your neck. This is then plated with 24K gold or gunmetal and silver, the neutrality of which means the necklace will be easy to match with whatever you’re wearing, and integrate seamlessly with the usual gold or silver jewellery you already have. The earbuds, that have been designed in a pod shape to better fit a woman’s ear, are plastic with metal coating and the stainless steel chains are hollow with insulated cables running through them.

The necklace seems fairly simple to use, with switching from inconspicuous jewellery mode to earbud mode being as easy as separating the main body of the necklace to take out the earbuds inside, placing them in your ears, and disconnecting the jack from the clasp in the back of the necklace and plugging it into your device. To go back to a necklace, just reverse this process.

You can also get a wider range of motion for your device allowing you to store it in your pocket by opening the bottom compartment of the necklace to fully extend the cable plugged into your device.

The necklace comes with an integrated microphone and remote on the chains which makes taking phonecalls even easier, there’s no charging or syncing required, and it’s actually a nice piece of statement jewellery that I’d happily wear. The only reservation I have is whether or not I’d be willing to wear the same statement necklace every day, because although it will match pretty much everything, it would be nice to be able to change it sometimes.

The campaign is off to a great start, having raised $28,844 of its $50,000 goal in just two days. Contributions start from as little as $5 (£3) for which you’ll receive a mixtape, and go up to $5000 (around £3253) for the Grown Ass Woman package which includes special edition Namara clutch bag designed by Tinsel’s product designer, an invite for two to the product launch, and a trip to San Francisco for dinner with the team. If you’re just after the necklace (and that mixtape), you can donate $149 (around £97).

Previous attempts at necklaces with integrated headphones have ranged from this less than lovely Samsung dog collar to the infinitely more pretty Stelle locket. It’s nice to see another attractive option go on the market.

Main Image via Indiegogo