Introducing the world’s most advanced bra

The Evolution bra is a revolution

The bra is a product that should be simple, but has many subtle and infuriating complexities; you’ve been wearing the wrong size for years, you’re wearing the wrong style for your clothing, you – what are you doing? Get that thing AWAY from the washing machine! They’re the necessary nightmare of your life.

So, finally, Knix Wear has decided enough is enough. The bra is getting a re-invention and they’re calling it the Evolution Bra. The Evolution Bra is an eight-in-one, fully reversible, underwire free, breast holding pro. It’s made with four way stretch technology that reduces impact on the bust, and allows for a technically advanced construction that provides lift and support without an underwire, instead molding to your body so that it’s practically invisible under most clothing.

Probably the most technologically advanced part, the bra is also made with a patented fabric that absorbs sweat, fights odours, and has a super-fast dry time so that you can just throw it in the washing machine when needed and pull it back on quick-time.

The Evolution Bra has been wear tested up to a size 38E and, having reached their stretch goals, Knix will also be adding up to a G cup to the range. The bra will be available in black, beige, brush lace, and a pattern that has a mix of black and beige. Each bra will come with a set of straps in an alternative colour to allow for greater wearability, and a line with padding will also be made available for delivery in January.

Clearly the world was ready for this bra because Knix absolutely smashed their crowdfunding campaign, surpassing their $30,000 goal in 24 hours, and now sitting with $596,343 with 12 days still to go. Knix are shipping worldwide, so if you’re still interested in pledging, you can contribute $50 (£32) and receive one evolution bra in the colour of your choice to be delivered in December of this year.

If you’d like the pants to match, you can pledge $65 (£42) and expect your delivery in January 2016. More pledge options are available on the company’s Kickstarter page.

A bra that will let me go from work, to the gym, to the pub without a second thought about colour or style seems like a great idea to me, and the absence of underwire is a god send. That said, the bra is lacking a certain sex appeal, looking much more like a sports bra, which is great for every day wear but doesn’t really transfer well to a more “special” occasion.

We also love Knix’s campaign for the bra that you can see here, showing a diverse mix of women wearing the underwear looking amazing, comfortable, and confident. Seeing this is empowering and makes you feel like the company actually cares about how their product feels on all women, something we’d like to see more of.

Main Image via Kickstarter