The friendship bracelet is getting a high-tech makeover

Are you really friends if your jewellery doesn't interact?

The classic friendship bracelet is getting a millennial makeover from tech startup Gemio and its new super-customisable smart jewellery line. No longer will friend groups have to sit carefully braiding their group’s colours together with frustratingly fiddly threads; it’s all app-based and much more social now. Gemio has designed a bracelet that isn’t just a signifier of friendship, it’s a way to maintain it and deepen it.

image via facebook

Gemio is described as a “social wearable for teens” (which makes me feel a bit weird for wanting one). Gemio uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and a mesh network which allows wearers to pair up their Gemio bracelets simply by shaking hands or high-fiving. The bracelet will then be able to alert its user to a nearby (50 feet indoors and 100 feet outdoors) paired bracelet using gems that can be programmed with person-specific light patterns, or you can opt for more subtle vibrations. Groups of friends will be able to have a set pattern that appears on their bracelets when they all get together or perform a gesture like a wave or secret handshake.

A wearable that probably could have solved some mysteries a lot faster for the Pretty Little Liars crew, users can also be actively social with the bracelet. The bracelet allows you to create a network of friends with whom it’ll be able to interact as you customise it to. There’s no limit to the size of the network you can have and once you have one, you can send colour-coded light pattern messages using the My Gemio smartphone app, in some kind of light-based replication of morse code.

image via gemio

This is one of the most customisable wearables we’ve seen. The bracelet itself comes in different colours and patterns as well as being further modifiable via the detachable gems. As well as this the lighting displays can be fully modified on the app to change depending on who you’re with or what you’re doing and what you’re wearing, thanks to an onboard colour sensor that can scan the colours of your clothes and change the gem colours to match.

Pre-orders for the Gemio open in late November with the aim to be ship to the UK in Q2 2016, and they’re expected to retail between $69 (£45) and $99 (£65). You can submit your email to their website to keep up to date on launch news. It was only a matter of time before we saw wearable tech targeted at teens, considering their trend-driving power and love of customisable self-expression. Personally, I can’t wait to see all the parenting forums explode with Gemio code-cracking discussions.

Main Image via Gemio