Geek fashion retailer Her Universe is going into publishing

Her Universe Press has officially launched, and it's taking submissions!

One of our go-to places for all of our geek chic needs, Her Universe, has announced it’s expanding its business into something a little bit different. At the New York Comic Con panel “Calling All Aspiring Writers! Hear Big News From Her Universe and Get Expert Advice to Become a Published Writer”, Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein announced that she would be starting a new publishing house called Her Universe Press.

Her Universe Press is an initiative that aims to help members of fan communities achieve their creative potential, encouraging submissions from unpublished writers who don’t have an agent. The content they’re looking for is primarily geared towards young adult and teen audiences in the science fiction and fantasy genre that “features a positive, empowering message/storyline with a focus on a female protagonist.” This is a pretty wide net and leaves a lot of space for writers to get creative.

We imagine the stories don’t absolutely have to be written by female authors or even have exclusively female protagonists; the most important thing is that these submissions maintain the empowering, hopeful, inclusive, and positive spirit of the Her Universe brand, but it’s great that a female focus is being placed on the initiative. The brand’s spirit is shown not just through this initiative, but also through its fashion show at the San Diego Comic Con, which invites designers in fandom to showcase their talents and even co-design a line for Her Universe with Ashley. Her Universe is all about creating a positive fan community. It’s not only fiction that Her Universe Press are accepting, non-fiction is also welcome, although there doesn’t seem to be a focus on comics or graphic novels.

We have two books to look forward to already from Her Universe Press: Weirdest by Heather Nuhfer, and The Confidence Chronicles by first-time published author Anne Convery.

We know we have a talented readership at Gadgette, so if you’re an aspiring author yourself, Her Universe Press is now taking submissions here! This is a massively exciting opportunity for more female writers and interesting female characters to come into the mainstream and we can’t wait to see what Her Universe Press will be publishing next.

Main Image via Her Universe Facebook