Would you wear a water filtering bikini?

It cleans the water while you swim

The winners of Reshape 15, a design competition for wearable tech have come up with the Spongesuit: 3D printed wearable technology aiming to “undo the harms of mankind’s technological advancements.”

Minimising your carbon footprint as you swim, the Spongesuit is designed to be “environmentally proactive, economically sustainable and intelligently manufactured, combining cutting edge 3D printing and nano-scale clean-tech material research.”

Also, it’s gorgeous.

Image: Reshape 15

Made from a sugar base, the porous material traps everything but water, effectively separating and storing contaminants within itself. The pollutants remain in the suit until heated to temperatures of over 1,000 degrees Celsius, so you won’t go releasing them by accident.

For now, this futuristic eco-bikini is still just a concept, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fawn over it. Beautiful and good for the planet? Sold.

Main image: Reshape 15