UPDATED: How to turn off Facebook Memories

There IS a way

Sadly, not all the memories Facebook throws up in its On This Day feature are as happy as the one in the publicity photo above. Inspired by this incredibly sad post, we want to show you how to turn off Facebook Memories if you don’t want to see the posts anymore.

While there’s no official way to opt-out (and we strongly believe there should be), there IS a way to turn the posts off so you won’t see them in your timeline. It only works in a browser for now – all you can do on the mobile app is turn off notifications, which won’t stop the posts coming up in your timeline.

How to opt out of Facebook’s ‘On This Day’

  • Open Facebook in a browser
  • Go to your news feed
  • On the left, scroll down until you find the Apps section, then find ‘On This Day’ (your options above and below won’t be the same as in the image, so if you can’t find it, try doing Ctrl-F on a PC or Command-F on a mac, then typing in ‘on this day’.)
  • Click ‘On This Day’ and it’ll take you to your Memories page. Please be aware that this might show you things you don’t want to see – which is the whole reason we’re about to turn it off.
  • On the top right, click Preferences
  • Next to Dates, click Edit.
  • Click Select Dates, then under Start, rather than using the calendar tool, type a date from a really long time ago – eg. 01/01/1900.
  • Under End, type a date ridiculously far into the future, eg. 01/01/2100.
  • This effectively means Facebook can’t show you any memories, because you’ve blocked it from including any date there could have been a memory from.

We still strongly believe Facebook should include a large “Turn off Facebook Memories” button next to the content in your news feed, because this is an awkward and well-hidden workaround that a lot of people will never find by themselves. But in the meantime, if we can help people avoid seeing things that make them sad – or just irritated – we’re happy to help.

Main image: Facebook Newsroom

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