Bethesda is selling limited edition Fallout 4 merch all this week

We hope you've been saving up your bottle caps

If you’re invested in the Fallout universe, you probably know that the nuclear apocalypse that created the landscape we know, love, and fear, happened on October 23rd 2077. This is a prime opportunity to start churning out some merchandise before the release of Fallout 4 on November 10th, so Bethesda’s online store will be releasing limited edition Fallout 4 goodies every day this week, as well as having a 20% Great War Sale.

Available through the week until October 26th is the Great War T-shirt, which is also free with pre-orders of Fallout 4 before October 26th.

Going on sale today is the Fallout 4 XBox One controller, which has a limited stock of 5000 units.

On Wednesday, the Pip Boy messenger bag will be available. A key item for carrying everything you need across the Wasteland because unfortunately we don’t all have that videogame character ability to store seemingly unlimited items in our pockets.

On Thursday 1500 Vault-Tec watches will become available, because until society crumbles in 2077 you’re still going to want to know the time.

Finally on Friday 5000 art books will go up for sale, complete with a slip cover, lithograph and extra content over the standard version.

So much want. The Bethesda store ships worldwide, with delivery to the UK taking around 4 days.

Main Image via Bethesda