There’s a playable teaser of a new game from the designer of The Stanley Parable

It's a weird puzzle, indeed.

I always feel like I can never have enough strange puzzle adventures to play; I just can’t get enough of that hair-tearing frustration and increasingly desperate clicking on everything, even objects that will resolutely not be interacted with. Fortunately, then, William Pugh, co-designer of The Stanley Parable, is preparing for the imminent release of what seems to be a promisingly frustrating puzzle adventure. In his words the game will be out “Very soon. So soon. Soon².” That sounds pretty soon. The game is currently being developed by Pugh’s new studio Crows Crows Crows, but they’ve been able to release an interactive teaser on their website.

At the bottom of the Crows Crows Crows homepage, there’s a small folder marked A.807. Clicking on this leads to a series of letters and documents from a police case investigating a series of “Peculiar Disappearances Across Europe.” The teaser involves you going through the list of documents, browsing their contents and learning about the details of the case. The final item on the list leads to a letter and a sudden error message, the puzzle for which is satisfying to solve, although it took me longer than I care to admit.

The teaser is basically a text-based detective story, that genuinely leaves you wanting to play more. It’s not clear whether the final game will play like this, but I hope at least part of it will because the teaser was definitely an enjoyable experience.

I won’t spoil any more, but I definitely recommend you go and have a look! There’s also the option to sign up to updates for more news on the game.

via Polygon

Main Image via Flickr © no.thisispatrick