Salaries are rising in Europe’s top digital companies, but the gender pay gap persists

It's the progress we want, but not the equality we deserve

A report released today by The Up Group, entitled “The Digital Leaders Remuneration Report” has revealed some interesting insight into the salary trends of female executives in European digital businesses.

The findings have been drawn from over 1000 responses to surveys that The Up Group sent to digital leaders across Europe. This does, of course, mean that caution should be taken before drawing any definite conclusions from the results, but it does provide good insight into some overarching trends.

Key findings from the report highlight that senior women executives working in European digital businesses only earn 90p for every £1 earned by their male counterparts. The report shows that in every age group and across all of the senior positions in these digital businesses, men are receiving higher remuneration than women, with men’s median bonuses also sitting higher than women’s.

In fact, just one in five respondents to the survey were women, which only serves to underline the gender imbalance in these digital businesses (though we’re sure someone will jump in to tell us “women just don’t respond to surveys”). In technology companies in particular, the report says that for every 35 men in senior positions, there are only 4 women.

That said, over the past 12 months median salaries for female executives across all businesses have increased by 10%, compared to an 8% rise for men. And when it comes to bonuses, female ones have increased by 40%, compared to 20% for men.

It’s not equality, not by any means, but it looks like companies are beginning to pay attention to the gender gap in pay and are adjusting percentages to begin levelling the playing field. Sorry trolls, it looks like feminism is working.

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