New Girl Gamers web series interviews women about their “gamer” identity

We're already looking forward to episode two

Fusion’s YouTube channel has released the first episode of a series called “Girl Gamers” hosted by Latoya Peterson. If the first episode is anything to go by, we’re feeling pretty good about this series that seems like it will approach the topic of women who game with admirable insight and depth, considering its limited five minute running time. The first episode tackles the question ‘Who are girl gamers?’ and the baggage attached to the label “gamer girl” through quick discussions with women who play games and work in the industry.

Peterson sets up an interesting discussion on “gamer identity” and how it’s policed not only by men in the gaming community, but also by other women, as well wider stereotypical representations of gamers in the media, all of which serves to create a very warped view of what a “gamer” is and who is perceived to be permitted to play games.

This series is a great idea and it looks like it will raise some worthwhile discussions around women in gaming and hopefully spread a positive message. Probably best to avoid the comments, though, as you’d expect.

Main Image: Screenshot