Playstation 4 gets a price cut in the UK

Christmas has come early

From today, Sony has cut the price of the 500 GB model of the Playstation 4 in the UK from £350 to £300. It seems that Sony is cutting the price of their console all over the world, after Australia saw a price drop just yesterday, North America earlier in the month, and it was announced for Asia at the Tokyo Games Show in late September.

No doubt this move is to ensure that Sony come out on top in terms of console sales this Christmas. The XBox One had been at a slight advantage with a holiday lineup of exclusive games that included Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6, and Halo 5, but it seems likely that Sony have guaranteed they’ll win in terms of sales with this move.

The console has already dropped in price on Amazon, with the 500 GB version listed as £284.99 and the 1TB version for as little as £290.

Main Image via Amazon UK