7 London food delivery services you haven’t tried yet

There's more to life than Just Eat

As a society, we’ve come very far in terms of tech-related things — we have headphone-integrated necklaces, phone-charging furniture, and we even have female-oriented tech websites (who could’ve seen that one coming, huh?)! But while real-life hoverboards are quite cool, my favorite thing about living in 2015 is the fact that I can click a few buttons on my laptop or phone and in about an hour’s time, I’ll get a phone call saying there’s food at my door. If like me you too are a terrible cook/major fan of not having to make your own food, here are a few food delivery services that will come in handy in any situation:

7. If you get hungry at 2 AM

Image: © Feast


Touting itself as the “The Late Night Food Co.,” newly-opened Feast exclusively delivers from 10pm-5am, which is awesome considering most takeaway places close around 11pm. Currently, Feast only delivers to the area in the picture, but if you live outside of this zone, then give them a ring and depending on how busy they are, they might be able to get food to you.

Because I’m a total night owl, I usually find myself wanting to eat something while I work late into the night, and I’m so thankful I can now turn to Feast in my times of need. Bonus: On Mondays, you can use the code “Monday” to get 20% off your order.

6. If you CBA making a lunch to take to work

Image: © Lunch Bxd London

Lunch Bxd London

It’s difficult enough getting up early to get ready for work, so come on, who has the time to make proper food to take with you? Thankfully, Lunch Bxd London has you covered. Their lunch boxes are freshly prepared and vegetarian-based, but you have the option to add meat, fish, or a snack if you want a little extra. They also arrive with a knife, fork, and napkin so that you don’t have to scour the office kitchen for a set of (probably unwashed) utensils.

What’s even better is that if you order by 10 am, then you’ll get your food by 1 pm. They’re currently only accepting group and wholesale orders via email, but their full site is launching very soon and you’ll be able to place individual orders then. Goodbye, pretentious salad jars that are aesthetically pleasing for Instagram and Pinterest but actually taste like manure.

5. If you’re vegetarian/vegan (and/or) want a homecooked meal

Image: © Home Cooking SE24

Home Cooking SE24

Home Cooking is run by chefs Giuseppina and Totò, who are Italian and want to share their authentic home cooking with Londoners. While they don’t have an entirely vegetarian/vegan menu, they do encourage #MeatFreeMonday — about two thirds of their food are meat-free, so non meat-eaters can peruse a large selection of delicious-sounding gnocchi and lasagne. Unfortunately, because they are more or less a home-grown business, they only deliver to a few postcodes (SE24, SE22 and to parts of SE21, SE5, SE15 and SW2).

The menu is also somewhat limited compared to bigger delivery services, but that just means that you can be sure that your meals have been personally prepared with a whole lot of heart by people who know what they’re doing. While obviously all Italian food is great, I might have to see if I have any friends living in this area just so that I can try some home-cooked Sicilian Sausage gnocchi.

4. If you’re craving freshly made parathas

Image: © Pronto Paratha

Pronto Paratha

This home-based service only delivers parathas (Indian flatbreads), but according to online reviews, they’re amazing parathas. Looking at the menu, you get the traditional flavours such as potato, cauliflower, and onion, but there are also some interesting and experimental alternatives like cheese & jalapeno, pizza, and – OMG – Nutella.

All parathas also come with a complimentary pot of mixed pickle and a bottled drink. I must admit that I’m both slightly scared of and intrigued by a Nutella & banana paratha. Their website is still under construction, but you can enquire about the options and place orders via phone at 020 3397 7666.

3. If you’re pressed for time

Image: © Eat First

Eat First

The first thing you should know about Eat First is that it’s only available as a mobile app, but you can get it on both iOS and Android. The second thing you should know about them is that they deliver in just 30 minutes. All the dishes on the daily menus — which include drinks, desserts, sides, and even kids’ meals — are cooked by their own expert chefs.

Once your order has been placed, an Uber-esque map pops up for you to track your driver until they get to your place. Fresh food in 30 minutes without having to leave the comfort of my own room? The future is here, you guys.

2. If you’re ordering for large groups

Image: © City Pantry

City Pantry

While this isn’t a traditional food delivery service in that it’s not for your individual consumption, if you’re ever put in charge of ordering (good) food for a team meeting or group office lunch, then head straight to City Pantry. You can choose from pre-determined catering packages from a wide range of vendors that are priced per head and that will be delivered straight to your workplace.

Options range from smoothies to sushi to even a “Parisienne Style lunch tray.” Because the orders consist of large amounts of food, though, be sure that you place your order with enough time in advance (each package on the site will tell you how many hours/days’ notice they need).

1. If you prefer paying by Bitcoin

Image: © Takeaway


Takeaway is a more general food delivery service, but what makes them special is that you can pay in Bitcoin (in addition to card or cash). Now, I don’t use Bitcoin, but even if I did, I don’t see a situation where I’d prefer to pay for my takeaway in Bitcoin instead of real money. But if you’re a diehard Bitcoiner, then here you go. You can choose from a range of cuisines including Chinese, sushi, and kebabs, but apart from the Bitcoin niche, there’s really nothing that makes them more special than sites like Hungry House or JustEat.

Have fun ordering all the food, my fellow cooking-loathing, menu-browsing compatriots. Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe that’s my dinner ringing the doorbell.

Main Image: © iStock/baranozdemir