Stop everything, you can now play Trivial Pursuit on your phone

No more waiting for Christmas

It’s pretty baffling that it’s taken until 2015 for this to happen, but we’re pretty happy to hear that Trivial Pursuit has finally made its way to the mobile gaming world – and it’s not just for iOS!

Images: iTunes

Called Trivial Pursuit & Friends, the app lets you play on your own (aww), one-on-one in turns (ie not online at the same time), and in groups of up to four at the same time. You can have multiple games with different people (a la Words With Friends), and there are power-ups that seem to be inspired by Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-style: 50/50 and an ‘Ask the Audience’-style feature that lets you see what other players answered to the same question. Controversially, there’s a power-up that lets you change the category – hmmmm. #Cheating

Images: iTunes

There are of course leaderboards, which means that our lives are essentially over because now we’re going to spend all our free time trying to be the best at remembering mildly interesting facts.

The app’s out now and it’s free (with in-app purchases) on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. TO THE PIE!

Main image: Hasbro

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