The retro-chic Cocktail Computer might be the most beautiful thing on Kickstarter


We’ve fallen a bit in love with this beautiful contraption on Kickstarter. Called the Cocktail Computer, it’s kind of an analogue Google for alcohol: you tell it which ingredients you have (using pins) and it returns recipe cards featuring those ingredients.

It’s retro, it’s useful, and it’s beautiful. Sold.

Designer Lily Szajnberg, who works at MTV, says of her creation:

The Internet has millions of recipes based on the ingredients I have, but they aren’t reliably curated, and I don’t want to spend my evenings glued to a screen sifting through millions of results for ‘gin’ and ‘lemon’ cocktails.

What I discovered from countless evenings scouring the Internet and studying my cocktail books, is that almost every popular or classic cocktail can be created with just 24 ingredients.

The Cocktail Computer reduces your shopping list, but the recipe cards can be swapped out with updated decks of recipes, so you’ll never run out of ways to impress your friends.

After months of prototyping, researching, and vetting, I’ve created a device that will provide you with a curated, reliable, delicious list of cocktails that any cocktail lover with a home bar could enjoy. It’ll also look pretty rad on that home bar of yours.

No kidding ?

The Cocktail Computer is looking for $50,000 of funding on Kickstarter, and has already raised more than a third of that. If you back it now, your own unit will cost you $50 plus $15 for international shipping (about £43 total), and it’ll arrive in February next year. Everyone needs cocktails in February.


If you want one as much as we do, here’s the Kickstarter page. We’ll take a Negroni, thanks for asking.

Main image: Kickstarter
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