There’s a real Pokémon Gym opening in Japan

The only gym we have any interest in visiting in the near future

If we’re honest, we’re surprised this isn’t a thing that already exists but there’s a real life Pokémon Gym opening in Japan next month. From November 19th in Osaka, fans will be able to visit this gym where they’ll be able to play arcade games, battle and play with others, and even receive special downloads for their games when they win. There will also be a smartphone app where trainers can log their progress and see their stats and standing in the gym.

Apparently the main purpose of the gym is to provide education as well as entertainment, aiming to not only provide Pokémon playing tips, but also improve the communication skills of children through playing the videogames they love with each other. (I’m guessing an over-excited screaming journalist would not be welcome).

There’s no news yet whether visitors will be able to earn badges, but there will be special membership cards. Of course, it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything like this in the UK any time soon, but it’d be nice to see a gym I’d actually like to visit.

via siliconera

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