The new Barbie advert tells girls, “You can be anything”

We approve this message

When 8 separate people sent me the new Barbie advert, saying “You’ve got to see this,” my immediate thought was “Oh no.” Sexist? Patronising? Stereotypical? What are we telling little girls this time?

To my immense relief, everyone was sending it because it’s lovely. Inspiring, adorable, and positive. See for yourself:

It’s not difficult to see why Mattel have gone down this route. Barbie is strongly associated with the old-school pink-toys-for-girls way of thinking, and they’ve obviously seen that the world is changing. In lieu of the Coder Barbie we asked for, they’ve come up with this – a way that the existing Barbies can fit into our post-Lean In world.

Sadly, while the slick video presents one image, clicking the link at the end takes you to this page on the Barbie site:

Not quite the same tone, is it?

Still, we’re glad to see that instead of sticking to their stereotypical guns, Mattel are actively trying to bring their product in line with current thinking, and use it to inspire little girls. More of this, please.

Main image: Mattel via YouTube

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