Tune in to Sony’s Paris Games Week conference

There's sure to be some interesting announcements

Microsoft might be launching Halo 5: Guardians today, but that doesn’t mean Sony are going to sit back and let them take all the attention, not a chance. Instead, Sony aren’t just giving us one game, they’re doing a whole conference at Paris Games Week, no doubt giving us updates on the games we know are coming, and maybe some announcements for games we don’t. Sony haven’t really given any hints as to what they’ll be revealing, but considering they decided to miss out on a Gamescom conference, holding off on announcements until now, we’re feeling pretty positive it’ll be worth tuning in. (Fingers crossed for some The Last Guardian news, maybe even a release date. Too hopeful?)

The conference starts at 4.45pm GMT, and you can watch it in the embedded video below.

The countdown until 4.45pm begins now!

Main Image via Flickr © Playstation Europe