Geeky find of the week: LED potion desk light

Bring a touch of magic to your work space

There’s nothing quite like the life-saving glow of a potion after a hard battle; chugging back that elixir and watching your HP bar crawl back up to full. Well, now you can have that joy in real life as well as in your favourite videogames with this potion replica LED desk light. It won’t restore your HP after a hard battle, but it will give your happiness a little boost as you fight through a hard day’s work, when you see the colours change from health restoring red, to stamina boosting yellow, and magic charging blue.

The potion desk light is available on ThinkGeek now for $39.99 (around £26) with $27(£17) delivery to the UK. At that price it’s unlikely you’ll fill up your equipment bag, but we can’t resist the idea of owning this adventuring essential.

Main Image via ThinkGeek