You can now get a white Amazon Kindle

Amazon have stopped taking the Henry Ford approach

It’s no longer the case that you can get the Kindle in any colour you want as long as it’s black, as Amazon have now released a white version of the e-reader. It’s the first time we’ve seen the standard Kindle in anything other than standard black  and, to be honest, it gives us the same reservations as most other white tech – what about the marks, the scratches? Won’t we just cover it with a protective case anyway?

Other than being a different colour, this is the same basic Kindle that was released last year, with the same 6-inch touchcreen and 4GB of storage. It even has the same price tag: £59.99.

The white Kindle is available now on Amazon UK. Could this introduction of choice be a sign of a bigger basic Kindle colour wheel to come? We hope so; it’s always nice to feel like you have more choice, even in your more basic tech purchases.

Main Image via Amazon