The new Moto X Force has a shatterproof screen

Is that a challenge, Motorola?

Motorola are making some bold assertions about their latest smartphone. Apparently the new Moto X Force has a screen that’s not just shatter resistant, it’s completely shatterproof, and will withstand all the drops your butterfingers can manage.

The display technology, called Moto Shattershield, has been in development for three years and uses an integrated system of five layers, including two touchscreen layers, that absorb shock from impact. The screen, and only the screen, comes with a four year guarantee, meaning that if the screen does happen to break in this period, Motorola will replace it for you. We imagine Motorola will only repair the screen in cases of reasonable use leading to breakage, such as falls and impact, not in cases of “look my phone is so tough I can slingshot it down this staircase.”

One thing’s for sure, Motorola certainly make their point in this video:

Most modern smartphones have Corning’s Gorilla Glass or similar products on their screens for protection. However, whilst it’s tough it’s definitely not shatterproof, evidenced by the fact that when I had an iPhone I felt all it took was a heavy sigh during a phonecall to send a crack shooting across the display. For anyone who’s a perpetual victim of their own clumsiness it will probably be nice to be able to purchase a phone that can take a bit more of a beating, without sacrificing a sleek design or display quality.

Other than that, the Moto X Force doesn’t differ all that much from the rest of the Moto X line. It has the same 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage as the Moto X Style (with a microSD card slot to expand) and the promised two-day battery life of the Moto X Play. It also has a 21-megapixel camera on the back, but comes with optical image stabilisation too (essential if you’re thinking of using accessories like this).

The Moto X Force will be available in the middle of November in the UK costing £499 with 32GB of storage and £534 with 64GB, with the ability to customise through Motorola’s Moto Maker site.

Main Image via Motorola