Looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s on Team Android

Or at least Team HTC

We knew we liked Mark Zuckerberg for a reason.

The founder and CEO of Facebook liked a post from one of his employees this week – Software Engineer Jonathan Perlow – singing the praises of the new HTC One A9:

Now, it’s not entirely surprising that Zuck would be a fan of HTC, given that he launched the ill-fated ‘Facebook phone’, the HTC First, with them in 2013. He’s also been known to vacillate between the big mobile OSes, once mentioning that he uses a BlackBerry (at least as an alarm clock), once slating his iPhone by saying he needs “four chargers and a landline” to make it work, and praising the openness of Android while criticising the pricing strategy of Apple.

Obviously, we can’t read too much into one Facebook like, but it’s nice to see that despite the Facebook app – like most apps – being vastly better on iOS, Zuck still has a place in his heart for us droids. Now how ’bout rolling out Facebook Mentions to us, hey?

Main image © Maurizio Pesce, via Flickr Creative Commons

Holly Brockwell
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