Tech companies are hiring women 238% faster than men

Things are improving at last

We recently reported that women’s salaries and bonuses are rising faster than men’s in digital companies (though the pay gap still exists), and now there’s more good news in the form of this excellent (and epic) infographic by Coupofy. The headline stat is that the top 8 tech companies are hiring women at a rate 238% faster than they’re hiring men – which doesn’t mean the gender split has gone (far from it), but does mean they’re doing something to address it.

We’re also heartened to see that 40% of Fortune 15 company CEOs are female and that the number of tech startups led by women in the US has doubled, plus we appreciated the shout-outs to some of the lesser-known awesome women of tech – though Sheryl and Marissa are still in there, of course.

Not all the stats are so positive, though. Just 7 of the 100 richest tech billionaires are female, only 18% of London tech startups are created by women and just 4.2% of US venture capitalists are female. We were also a bit confused by the Coupofy dubbing ZipDial CEO Valerie Wagoner “the only foreign lady CEO in India.” “Foreign”? Okaaay.

Nonetheless, it’s an excellent infographic packed with useful stats. Here’s the whole thing – prepare your scrolling finger.

The 238% Faster Growth of Women in the Tech Industry Than Men

Made by: Coupofy

In case you’re feeling too positive about women in tech after that, here’s Sami Peachey’s excellent piece on why she’s sick of the industry after just 3 months. We’re making strides, but there’s still a lot of work to do.

Main image: Coupofy

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