This bra has secret pockets to hold all your travel essentials

Make your handbag fear for its job

I don’t remember when exactly, but at some point in my life I decided enough was enough and no longer would I put up with carting around a bulky handbag on a night out. Unfortunately most of my clothing has no pockets, sewn up just-for-show pockets (WHY?), or pockets so tiny a single pound coin probably feels like Han Solo in carbonite. So I started utilising my bra. It’s pretty common, as far as I’m aware, to do this. It holds my money, ID, credit cards and my boobs. Amazing.

That said, considering the standard bra isn’t actually made for holding all of these things it’s far from being a perfect solution (loose change for example makes the removal of your bra at the end of the day makes you feel like Meowth using Payday). That’s why I’m actually pretty excited about this travel bra seeking funding on Kickstarter, that puts this bra’s claim to being the world’s most advanced bra to the test.

The World’s Best Travel Bra (their words not mine) is a sports bra designed to hold all of the travel essentials you’d rather not carry in a bag or store in a bulky money belt, without compromising your comfort.

The bra has plenty of secret pockets, all designed to hold specific items. There’s a drop-down soft mesh pocket that expands to hold a passport that simply folds up under the chest binding when not in use. A mesh side pocket is the perfect size for your credit card or room key, and a hidden mini-pocket is intended for smaller items like jewellery, change, or a USB stick. The front lining is also designed to be accessible, making it easy to store your money in the cups.

Considering you’re basically a walking handbag with all of these compartments, we wondered if the bra would be incredibly uncomfortable but the designer has worked with a lingerie designer to make sure wearing the bra for long periods of time is extremely comfortable; pretty essential if you’re on a long journey. There’s no hook and eye to dig into your back when sitting down, the wide shoulder straps and arm holes are designed to not cut into you, and the bra is made from organic cotton and bamboo fabric that’s anti-microbacterial so that it’s soft and able to go longer between washes.

This bra genuinely seems like a safe way to store your important belongings when travelling, making sure they stay as close to you as possible. But I’d also use it just for those days when I absolutely don’t want to have to carry a handbag.

The Travel Bra will be available in XS, S, M, L, and XL and, depending on demand, more sizes could be added in January 2016. You can get the bra in black with blue stitching or red with black stitching. Hopefully some more neutral colour options will become available soon, because those colours don’t seem ideal for wearing under anything white or sheer.

If you’re interested in backing The Travel Bra, it’s on Kickstarter now, currently sitting at $6,673 of its $20,000 goal with 42 days to go. The bra is scheduled to ship anywhere in the world from December 2015 if it reaches funding. Pledge options do have limited availability, but giving $45 AUD (around £21) will get you the bra in your choice of colour and size including delivery.

There’s not much traditional sex appeal in this bra, but there’s absolutely no denying its practicality. And that’s pretty sexy in its own way.

Main Image via Kickstarter