AirConsole: an online videogame console controlled by your smartphone

Play anywhere with anyone

Games console controllers aren’t exactly the cheapest things in the world, and considering the dip in the number of local multiplayer games, owning multiple controllers can sometimes feel hardly worth your money. So when you have your family coming over for the holiday season and you’re looking for something to do together often videogames aren’t the first solution that springs to mind.

Well, that could change thanks to AirConsole. AirConsole is a free, easily accessible browser-based games console which focuses on local multiplayer and party games and uses smartphones as controllers – perfect for keeping everyone occupied until Christmas dinner is served. All you need to use AirConsole is a PC, tablet or a smart TV and as many smartphones as you want to join.

To start gaming all you have to do is visit the AirConsole website on your PC, tablet, or TV, get the connection code, open AirConsole on your smartphone’s browser (or in the app) and type the code in there. This will connect your smartphone as a controller, and you can connect as many people as you want or as many people as the game allows.

All of the games are currently free to access, but one drawback is that the library of games is really quite small. Thankfully, the developers N-Dream say that they’re working on producing more content themselves with games such as a variation of pong and a karaoke app currently in development. The team are also in talks with a few third party indie developers and are running a competition in an effort to give more choice even faster. From the competition they hope to get at least a few more games for the store. There is prize money, $3000 (around £1950), and whilst the site is not monetized, N-Dream say there are plans to have advertisements in the future, and 75% of the revenue made from ads on a game will go to said game’s creator. If you’re interested in the competition you can have a look here. The highlights of the current store are a NES emulator and Cards Against Humanity.

By making use of hardware most people already own, AirConsole is a convenient and low cost way to make games accessible to everyone. This seems like a genuinely great idea, hindered slightly by a lack of content, but considering the service only launched in September we can see it going far as the library of games expands. Interestingly, there are plans to add games to the library that make more use of smartphone features like the camera, microphone, and device orientation to do things traditional controllers can’t, which would definitely add greater appeal and depth to the experience.

Main Image via N-Dream