Someone just tweeted a giant Starbucks rant on the Sony account

Hadn't had their coffee, presumably


It’s every social media manager’s nightmare. You have your personal accounts and your work ones signed in on the same device, and you accidentally send a personal tweet out on the brand account.

That’s what happened to someone at Sony Xperia GB this morning, by the looks of things, as this vitriolic tweet about people who bash Starbucks and still buy their products appeared on their verified Twitter page just before midday:

It was up for about 10 minutes before the presumably mortified staff member noticed and took it down, but not before it had been faved and retweeted a few times.

Our eagle-eyed Emma spotted and screenshotted before that, though. The internet never forgets!

Hope your day gets better from here, Sony. Maybe a cup of coffee would help?

Main image © iStock/mikkelwilliam

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