This little device wants to turn your regular watch into a smartwatch

Drag your favourite old watch kicking and screaming into the future

We couldn’t be happier that wearable tech brands are finally designing smartwatches with women in mind. No longer are smartwatches ugly and bulky, you could actually wear some of them with pride, but sometimes you just have loyalty to a piece of jewellery; it’s that expensive watch you bought before smartwatches became something you were even worth considering. It’s too nice to relegate to your bedside cabinet. And so you find yourself torn between wanting to take part in the exciting new technological possibilities of smartwatches and keeping the thing you know and love more than any of the smartwatches available, no matter how pretty they’re becoming.

Well, Kickstarter project Trivoly could be just what you’ve been looking for. The Trivoly is a small black disc that sticks to the back of your existing watch using a double-sided adhesive,  adding the convenient features of a smartwatch via a free app that’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The device’s creators are promising up to four days of battery life, which isn’t quite as much as you’d get if you decided to opt for a Pebble device, but it’s still perfectly admirable compared to many smartwatches on the market.

Using up this battery life you have three main features, and an optional, slightly more costly, fourth feature. The one you’d most expect is, of course, notifications. Upon receiving a call, a message, anything alert-worthy, the little disc will buzz against your wrist and LED lights will flash. These notifications are compatible with most apps like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Spotify, and so on, and are customisable through the device’s own app, so that you can distinguish what’s telling you what by the number of buzzes or the colours of the lights. You can even set priority notifications that are allowed to alert you when you’ve silenced all others.

As standard there’s a pedometer feature in the Trivoly 1 that will send your steps taken over to the app; the Trivoly 2, however, gives you the option of taking the fitness features further by adding an optical heart rate monitor.

There are music controls for when you’re too busy to dig your phone out of your bag. These controls seem fairly intuitive, having you tap the edges of your watch to control tracks and volume, and pressing the centre to play or pause.

Finally, a pretty standout feature is a camera shutter trigger, that will work from a distance of up to 25 feet, for when you want to take a long-distance selfie, or get more people into a picture than your arm’s length will allow.

Trivoly is water-resistant so you can wear it out in the rain or in the shower. With a diameter of 30 millimetres and a thickness of 3 millimetres it also isn’t especially thick, so it won’t leave your watch sticking out from your wrist like it’s trying to escape the Frankensteinian tech experimentation you’ve forced upon it.

This is definitely an interesting idea, and I like the fact that the sticker can apparently be reused again and again without leaving residue, allowing you to switch the disc to another watch. This is especially appealing if your reservation with regards to investing in a smartwatch is that you don’t like the inability to freely change your style. I kind of like the idea of sticking it to the back of a pocket watch and becoming a high-tech White Rabbit.

If the Trivoly sounds like something you’d quite like to get your hands on, the project is seeking $100,000 with just over $18,000 pledged at time of writing. It still has 28 days to go but every contribution is probably going to be essential for this one. If you’d like to get a Trivoli yourself you can pledge $99(around £65) for a Trivoli 1, or $129 (around £85) for the more fitness enhanced Trivoli 2. First shipments of the device are due in February 2016 and will be worldwide.

If you have a sentimental attachment to an old watch that you’d like to bring into the future, or if you’d rather not be tied down to wearing one watch for its smart functions all the time, Trivoly seems like it could only be a good idea.

Main Image via Kickstarter