The John Lewis Christmas advert has a tie-in mobile game

The emotional manipulation continues

If you’ve frequented any social media platform at all this morning, you’ve probably seen something about the new John Lewis Christmas advert. If you haven’t seen it yet, go and watch it, have a cry, bake your feelings into some mince pies, eat them, buy a Christmas tree, and then return to this article to find out more.

Because there is more, believe it or not. John Lewis have gone one step further in their Christmas advertising this year with a mobile game to tie into the advert, called Man on the Moon. And it’s free. Now that’s showing the real spirit of Christmas. Free adverts.

The game has two elements. The first is less of a game, and more of a calendar, a lunar calendar to be specific, with a little animated version of the old man from the advert gifting your with new moon-themed facts every day, up until the big finale of the full moon on Christmas Day.

The other more game-like element is pretty simple, where you control the wind underneath a selection of objects to get them to the man on the moon. So many seagulls and kites have fallen victim to my space-bound football already.

Obviously there’s a well-placed John Lewis truck in the advert, because as much as this game and its advert are heart-warming, you shouldn’t forget that a delivery from the John Lewis truck is the real signifier of Christmas. Like your mum tells you to sit down, shut up, and eat your brussels sprouts, John Lewis are telling you to sit down, shut up, and consume your capitalism. For a free app, this one has a nice interface and truly lovely animation. Go and give it a look, it’s available on Android and iOS now.

Main Image via YouTube