5 of the best apps for cats

There's an app for everything - including your cats

As you might have noticed, we’re massive cat fans here. From the tweeting catflap to our roundup of the top felines on Instagram, we’re all about bringing you the best of cats and the web.

Which is why we’ve found you 5 unmissable cat apps – some for you, and some for puss. Providing you trust them with your phone, of course (Gadgette is not responsible for scratched, bitten or half-eaten tech!).

5. Pocket Pond

Pocket Pond isn’t technically a cat app – it’s actually a game in which you breed, raise and play with your own selection of fish. But because the app looks like a real pond, with fish moving across rippling waters, there are hours of fish batting fun available for your kitty.

Free on Android and iOS.

4. Crazy Cat

As the name suggests, Crazy Cat is a game for cats. It provides your cat with a number of different animated creatures to chase and bat across the screen – and the faster the animal is moving when your cat hits it, the higher the score. If you have more than one cat, you’re pretty much obliged to have a tournament.

Free on Android, though similar apps are available for iOS.

3. RSPCA My Pet

The RSPCA app covers pet health, gives owners care tips and also provides wider information on animal safety, the RSPCA’s work and how to contact them. It’s a great resource for pet owners and supporters of the RSPCA.

Free on iOS.

2. Snapcat

As you’d expect from the name, this is basically Snapchat for cats. A red dot whizzes around the screen, and your cat just has to catch it – as soon as they touch it, the front-facing camera fires and takes a cat selfie. Which you can then filter and share on social media, obvs.

Free on Android.

1. Friskees Games for Cats

This site has loads of games for cats – cat fishing, bug catching and ‘pull and play’. Most games are available for Android, iOS and web, so even if you don’t have a tablet your cats can join the fun. It’s also very, very cute.

Available here.

Main image: iStock/Leo_Kostik