These foam lightsabers actually glow and make noise

You can use as much of the force as you want, these are battle-safe

There are few things more thrilling than the thought of a lightsaber battle with your friends, but to be honest all the lightsabers on the market right now are more suited to fighting with your enemies – getting thwacked with a glowing plastic stick hurts.

Fortunately, foam weapon developers Calimacil have heard sharp “ouch” of the Star Wars fandom and launched a campaign on Indiegogo for foam lightsabers that actually glow. And make noise, so you don’t even have to do the “zshoom zshoom” from the corner of your mouth anymore.

The lightsabers are foam and completely battle safe. Don’t worry, it won’t be like fighting with one of those noodles you used to swim/sword fight with at the swimming pool; Calimacil have created their own special foam that’s virtually indestructible and undoubtedly satisfying to hit someone with, safe in the knowledge it won’t shatter into tiny pieces because you underestimated the power of the force.

The company have developed a few varieties of lightsaber to choose from, with the more expensive options have more advanced features, as you’d expect. The most basic lightsaber comes with a simple switch to turn the blade’s glow on and off.

The Advanced handle option comes with the ability to connect the lightsaber to the Calimacil mobile app from where you’ll be able to customise the colour and intensity of the blade.

If you have a lot of cash to splash you can go for the Master option. The Master blade has the bluetooth features of the Advanced version, but also comes with a built in motion board which can detect the way you move the lightsaber, creating hit and swing sounds from a speaker in the handle.

The Indiegogo campaign is live now; Calimacil are seeking $50,000 for the project, but they’ve already met their goal, having raised $74,346 with 24 days still to go. You can still donate and get your very own lightsaber though. If you just want the foam and you’re willing to forego the electronic extras for a simple red or blue paint you can donate $130 (around £65).

For the Basic electronic handle with the LED lights, which most people would probably be willing to pay for, it’ll cost you $225 (around £112).

The Advanced and Master handles are $375 (£187) and $450 (£212) respectively, and although they’re incredibly cool, unless you’re really committed to live action role playing, it seems like a lot to pay for the privilege of safely beating the crap out of your friends. That said, how long have we dreamed of lightsabers like this? Isn’t it completely worth it?

If you want to get your hands on one of these lightsabers, you can donate on the Indiegogo page now. The estimated delivery for the foam lightsabers is February 2016, but for the electronic options, don’t expect anything until May 2016.

Main Image: Screenshot