EasyJet’s new tech uniforms are impressively ugly

They've found something brighter than tangerine orange

You could be seeing flight attendants dressed to the nine watts on your next trip away as the airline EasyJet has unveiled its plans for uniforms that incorporate some wearable tech features.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, EasyJet has decided to roll out new cabin crew and engineer uniforms that have LED lights and built-in microphones for increased visibility and more efficient communications. We bet the crews aren’t celebrating, though, because as much as wearable tech in aviation makes perfect sense, it feels like EasyJet have made these uniforms unnecessarily ugly. I mean, just look at those LED-studded monstrosities. They look like what someone from the 50s might have imagined a 2015 flight attendant would wear. The worst thing is, EasyJet has worked on these uniforms with CuteCircuit, a fashion company that has created some incredible and attractive LED pieces of clothing worn by celebrities. So what happened here?

Admittedly, engineer’s jackets aren’t quite as bad as the outfits worn by the cabin crew, featuring reflective panels that light up work areas, removing the need for a torch, as well as built-in video cameras that will allow engineers to communicate problems to one another visually.

image via EasyJet

There’s no denying wearable tech is an excellent thing to introduce to your airline, EasyJet, it’s smart, forward-thinking, and seems like it will genuinely help in the workplace, particularly for engineers. But you could have been a little kinder with the designs. I feel like there are laws against this kind of workplace cruelty.

EasyJet will start a trial of the uniforms early next year. Whether or not they’ll be worn by all staff will probably be decided after the trial. And hopefully after some aesthetic adjustments.

Main Image via EasyJet