Nintendo Direct returns this week

It's been a while, should we prepare for some big announcements?

It’s been a while since we were last able to tune into a Nintendo Direct broadcast. Six months, in fact, before the sad passing of Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata.

Because of Iwata’s large role in the broadcasts, it wasn’t entirely clear whether or not they would continue, but, good news, it looks like they are! The broadcast which will be on November 12th at 10pm GMT will be hosted by Nintendo’s European president Satoru Shibata, who confirmed his role in a tweet.

Shibata has promised updates on upcoming 3DS and WiiU games, so we’re likely to get some information on the upcoming Mario Tennis game and Xenoblade Chronicles X. But having been so long away, we’d love a bigger announcement, something we don’t already know about. We’re not expecting anything to do with the upcoming NX, but maybe a bit more information on that Pikmin 4 game we’ve been hearing of? Then again, there’s not been much fanfare over Direct starting back up again, so perhaps Nintendo are intending more of a return to business as usual approach, rather than a grand re-launch.

Main Image: Screenshot